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Badugu CALENDAR (Jena ThOrO-pathra)

           *        Thanks to  85+ or 90+ old Baduga elders of Thodhanaadu, Maekunaadu and Kundhe' seeme' whome gave valuable informations regarding some stars, their positions and their relation along with moon for fixing the Badugu months and for fixing the first date and about the ancestral festivals and monthly poojas (some of which are abondoned now) etc,                      Based on this reserch, i prepared  the First ever Badugu 'Jena ThOrO Pathra' (first Badugu Calendar) IN  2015-16 and released by BMS(Badugu Mahajana Sangha, a famous social service organisation in Neelagiri jilla and Maelseeme' who also encourage education).                  Special thanks to SENTHIL of Kerapaadu hatti (village) , working in DRDO office,Hoththage'(Ooty) for arranging the meeting with elders of Kundhe' seeme' (2015) ; he also worked  with me in preparing that first calendar.  We thank BMS for having helped in distribution of the Badugu 1st std, bo

CONSONANTS {BADUGU language, part-2}


Part-2. Origin of Dhakshina-Indians........ (by Bukka Malla)

  Part-2. Origin of Dhakshina-Indians...... . . (by Bukka Malla)                        In the earlier article ‘Evidence’   we have seen that Badugas (British people mispronounced as Badagas) existed in Neelagiri,     around 3000 years back.     It was based on the evidences of Cairns and Barrows {Those cairns and barrows belong to 7 th centuary BC (ref- Balakrihnan Nair)},   and the artifactes found   in them & based on the unique sounds and words (some words contain the Unique sounds- f*u, qwa  & gwa ) in Badugu language  and on the interaction with other tribes   (like Kothas, Thodhavas/Thodas, Kurumbas and Mandadan chetties-in Gudalur area) and the information they revealed regarding the Moriyara mane’ (300 BC).                      But their population could not be much and might be around some hundreds (may be more than that of Thodhavs or Kothas). And as it is revealed in the Gazateer and by the Baduga elders of yesteryears,    at least three disasters or famines

Learn BADUGU SCRIPT Lisurely in 7 DAYS -Part 1

                                                    HAALU.... --- milk.  It is generally assosiated with prayers and offerings. And   the milk which is called ''Kanne' kadusu haalu'' is considered more sacred.                                       The original, old document of Badugu script (1968 ):-     The exposure of  Badugu script to the far off public via News paper in 1991:-   Note the caption- 1971 Modified script. Because in 1970 two letters- IQw, Igw were added. (they were not in 1968 script) Above one is the first page of Badugu dictionary containing abbreviations. Badugu Numerals :- Maths:  Test the calculation