Badugu CALENDAR (Jena ThOrO-pathra)

                Thanks to 85+ or 90+ old Baduga elders of Thodhanaadu, Maekunaadu and Kundhe' seeme' whome gave valuable informations regarding some stars, their positions and their relation along with moon for fixing the Badugu months and for fixing the first date and about the ancestral festivals and monthly poojas (some of which are abondoned now) etc,   
                  Based on this reserch, i prepared  the First ever Badugu 'Jena ThOrO Pathra' (first Badugu Calendar) IN  2015-16 and released by BMS(Badugu Mahajana Sangha, a famous social service organisation in Neelagiri jilla and Maelseeme' who also encourage education).
                 Special thanks to SENTHIL of Kerapaadu hatti (village) , working in DRDO office,Hoththage'(Ooty) for arranging the meeting with elders of Kundhe' seeme' (2015) ; he also worked  with me in preparing that first calendar.  We thank BMS for having helped in distribution of the Badugu 1st std, book (enlarged form of the handwritten book. the original book was prepared in 1980s) in 2012  and for launching the release of Badugu LakshaNa (grammar). Thanks to  Harihara (Naakubetta textiles, Thudiyalur,cbe) of MaNu hatti  who co-sponsored the printing of the First Badugu Calendar in 2016, and the first edition of Badugu book. 
             Also thanks to Sathu, Dhandapani, Attuboil Raja, Proff K.P.Rao and Nijanth (their contributions towards fonts and web, etc, will be posted in a separate article/page)
                  The first day of any Badugu month commences  only on New moon day . In ancient times, on every first day of the month (i.e, on New Moon day) the 'Bana Gudi' (bana-forest; in those days the temple-  a small hutt- was at a distance from the village which was surrounded by thick forests. Still now we can see the Bana Gudis in some villages) was opened by the priest/elder, offered 'ede' (prasadh- 'kanne kadsu haalu' and grains & cookedfood. But 'kanne kadsu haalu' was and 'is' the main and important item). But now a days this practice was slowly forgotten and abandoned. 
                   And festivals were (except Sakkalaathi, Kaappu) celebrated on the Mondays that follows the New moon day, BUT after the  HER'E'' (Cresent) was seen (so normally the monday falling on the third day or beyond from the New moon day was fixed as festival day).     (vide the footnote in the page of 'learn Badugu script in 7 days' for the details of the SACRED 'kanne kadsu haalu'.)
             This year has 13 months. (Every 3rd year one month is added to compensate the lagging of days due to  the lunar Badugu months)

                                                         Badugara habbago - The festivals of Badugas

Badugu calendar (Inglish year 2019- '20) 1st month-Koodalu