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DROPS from conversations , thoughts, speeches     Human origin, Language, evolution & preservation from extinction.                       Origin of our ANCESTRAL Human being dates back to 20 lacks years at Mesapatomia,north Africa and Anatolia- (Present Iraq,Egypt, Turkey area). The great migration took place just around (mear) 1 lack years before to various places like present Indian continent and east, Mangolian area, siberian area etc,and finally to Europian area. And this migration led to the destruction of competitors (like Neanderthal etc,)and survival of the fittest. The settlers at various places started following certain distinguished customs, rituals and thus came into existence the different cultures and communities.Also evolution of brain-mind took place and each one expressed/exchanged their feelings orally and thus came into being the different 'human languages' -rather some sort of sound expressions(please note the other living beings already-bi