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 The PICTURE STORY of the Badugu script & language(Badugu bare' , baashe') developments, literature and Grammar and dictionary developments, teaching at various places, classes, seminars, research work , etc,:-              the origin of first sound 'a' as in and.                     The Original documents of 1968, of Badugu script :--   The first ever exposure to far off pulbic via Dina Thandhi(Tamil Newspaper), in 1991:-    Note the caption- 1971 Modified script. Because in 1970 two letters- IQw, Igw were added. (they were not in 1968 script)                                        Above one is the first page of Badugu 'Maathartha' (dictionary) containing abbreviations.  Articles in science, stories etc, articles in science, stories etc, The 1st std, book written in '80s Badugu 'LakshaNa' (grammar) part 1 (completed in 2009) ---------------------------------------------