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 The PICTURE STORY of the Badugu script & language(Badugu bare' , baashe') developments, literature and Grammar and dictionary developments, teaching at various places, classes, seminars, research work , etc,:-

             the origin of first sound 'a' as in and.


The Original documents of 1968, of Badugu script :--


The first ever exposure to far off pulbic via Dina Thandhi(Tamil Newspaper), in 1991:- 
Note the caption- 1971 Modified script. Because in 1970 two letters- IQw, Igw were added. (they were not in 1968 script) 
 Above one is the first page of Badugu 'Maathartha' (dictionary) containing abbreviations. 

Articles in science, stories etc,
articles in science, stories etc,

The 1st std, book written in '80s

Badugu 'LakshaNa' (grammar) part 1 (completed in 2009)
Some writings by students. 
by Vinish

      By Gowrishankar, Sonia, Jayakumar Thippa, Ajith etc,

  Some of the answer papers of the competion winners in 2016 [Rooney Karthik, Surya, Pavithra (UK), Karthik nanja, Ajeeth]

        one letter in Badugu by a student-turned teacher, Valli

         Some more writings and self learning by some students:--

a 9 year old student

a student learning in Dubai

'SandhOsha' in Badugu designed by AnnChen of

BM Sangha in Badugu

 Usage of Badugu script:-

Badugu scrpt USED in the name board of Vasantham TV

'Attuboilu' Raja , the first person who developed the Font (2013) for Badugu based on Kannada unicode. He is also a Badugu teacher. The photo is when he was teaching in  a village Badugu class. (Dhandapani was the first to attempt at Font but later supported Raja).
  Now one more Badugu Font is there (named KBaduga3, in ) developed by Prof Rao of Manipal university, based on Devanagari


Notices for a Maha kumbaabishekam/Festival, in Badugu script 

A Marriage invitation in Badugu

Then printed book in 2012 (wrtten book prepared in '80)

Half-consonants using Raja's Font

O'Na habba (ONam festival) at Nelli seeme'(Gulalur villages)
Vowels using Font by Raja



  sample of certificates given to the students,after the 3day free camp/workshop in 2014

            Badugu Numerals :-                     

a glimpse into a Badugu class
                                            some glimpses of student-teachers and Badugu teachers:--       
meeting a old correspondence student(of1991) after 26 years in 2017

a student (Manesh)teaching 

a student-teacher (Dheebarna)

a student writing after learning for 15 minutes.

a student teacher (Ajeeth) teaching in a village in Nelliseeme'

        on research mission :-
meeting a 90year old -on research mission
on research

First Badugu calendar prepared  in 2016 (after a thorough research for 6 months visting &meeting elders in various places)
research work into the origin of Badugas
More marriage invitations in Badugu 

Standing-from left- 1.Senthil of Kerapaadu village, who is the first Badugu teacher (he has been teaching at their village on weekends), 2. Siva of charu printers (the first print of book was in his press), 3. Harihara of Manuhatti village (he was instrumental in arranging Badugu classes in Villages), 4. Yogesh Raj Kadasole' (the inventer/researcher). The students are of Kerappadu hatti(village) who have been taught Badugu by Senthil.  This photo taken(2013) when we visted and started our mission of teaching (at various villages, named by Hari as 'Seemeya dheevige' -light of country/area)  at holy Kerapaadu village
A Badugu class at a village, by Attuboil Raja
Dheebarna, a young teacher (Mynela)

Yogesh Raj teaching Badugu in a village
Senthil kerapaadu teaching Badugu  in a village(teachers sitting among students, while a student writes on board)

ar a function in Maelseeme (6villages in a remote forest area, Erode dist, and one inside Karnataka)
Badugu class for Baduga students in a Matric school, Cunnooru

students writing names and alphbets on the board 
Badugu lessons written by students in ChOzadi (Nelliseeme')
Badugu class at Sharjha(UAE) for ladies
a road side Badugu class in bus shelter
roadside class (KiNNakore'-a remote village)
Add caption

students preparing forBadugu Test in village(in Nelliseeme')

Some glimpse of Other services 

fight against an hospital for wrong operation/experiment of a young man
sport kit distribution through the Sangha
helping in a bank during the demonitization period
helping Medical camps through BMS


some more Usages of Badugu script

Festival notices


a marriage invitation

(temple of a Badugu Saint at Paalamale, Cbe dist.)

(temple of a Badugu Saint at Paalamale, Cbe dist.)

an Ad for TV in Badugu written artistically by Ann chen (Taiwan)

tattoo  in Badugu

baner in Badugu by Baeldha village for festival.

Jayakumar Nanja learning Badugu, in Sharja(UAE).
a Badugu class in Mangaluru (in a hotel )

a class in Periyanaikan palayam


At a Badugu class in Maelknudhe' where even elders participated

A glimps of some lessons posted in Face Book since 2012-13

                                    Badugu class at KOthaada, maelseeme', in erode dist.

        Santhosh of KarapiLLu taking class

                                                                         Badugu class
                                                                              in  chennai (2013)
                                                                               a Badugu class in a village (2014)                                                                           

Some service related activities:-

Prayer chanted at the death ceremoney- book released and used at a funeral

some research related items and old photos (of ancient Baduga)taken by British people :-

Bettadha amma gudi (temple) near Karamadai in Mettupalayam; it is said that the ancient Baduga lady of Pulikal village was married to Ranga of Karamadai as his first wife and bothe were said to be incarnations of God and Goddess. There is a temple for Ranga at Karamadai. This Bettadha temple is of Bettadhamma who was said to be stayed back on the way and got samadhi.(for detailed stories vide the separate articles)

very ancient scuptures of BANA GUDI (forest temple) near Kadasole' where Badugaru celebrate  only once an year at harvest (in July-Aug)

( Will continue; await more postings...........)


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