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some BADUGU(Badaga) SlOkaas(sayings/proverbs) -

  I have collected more than 1000 old Badugu slOkas(proverbs/sayings), 50 years back. As they were OLD sayings of the ancestors who didn't knew any script they were passed orally. The generation just immediately before me- ie,just before 60 years, learned tamil script as the britishers usurped our Neelagiri and annexed with Madras state. As tamil script don't have script for all sounds like ga, ba, da etc, the slokas written in black and white by the later generation in tamil script may not express the actual pronunciations; today's generation can't even guess as such  words are very old and not known to the new generation now. So it is a herculean task to zero in on the meanings of them. I give the meanings of the known slOkas and also attempted to explain other slOkas with hard words;  after a thorough analysis of such uncrackable  slOkas, along with a little logical guessing and analysing of any possible distortion of words, i give the most appropriate meaning of som